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im not deleting tho its fucking hilarious, and i found out some guy puts his penis in electrical sockets.
thats not cool mate.

I am depressed :(

2009-01-30 14:45:01 by howli

I just cant take the pain anymore guys, my little black heart just bleeds endlesly for a sympathetic love but thou cannot be cured.
Ive just been spending my days listeining to My chemical romance in my room, thinking about life and shit.
fuck dude
Like I grew up in a whore house, my mother was a crack head and my farther was an alchololic. He used to beat me, I cant take the meories anymore.
Newgrounds has given me the chance to expres my deepest emotion threw song, we are all one and I think we need to unite together.

Thankyou for your time, Peace and love to all my adoring fans, I love you
Here a picture of my buetiful grilfriend to show you guys that im not just some emo looser, I have a life and I tap this bitch everyday ALL day.
H x

I am depressed :(