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I am depressed :(

2009-01-30 14:45:01 by howli

I just cant take the pain anymore guys, my little black heart just bleeds endlesly for a sympathetic love but thou cannot be cured.
Ive just been spending my days listeining to My chemical romance in my room, thinking about life and shit.
fuck dude
Like I grew up in a whore house, my mother was a crack head and my farther was an alchololic. He used to beat me, I cant take the meories anymore.
Newgrounds has given me the chance to expres my deepest emotion threw song, we are all one and I think we need to unite together.

Thankyou for your time, Peace and love to all my adoring fans, I love you
Here a picture of my buetiful grilfriend to show you guys that im not just some emo looser, I have a life and I tap this bitch everyday ALL day.
H x

I am depressed :(


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2009-01-30 15:00:58

I'm depressed too, dude. I always try to stick my dick in the light socket, and just keep getting shocked. That's, like, a metaphor for life, man.


2009-01-30 15:23:18

I found the best home remedy for being depressed is either to drink the pain away, or cut yourself multiple time on either you legs, wrists, knuckles (if you're in real pain), and sometime the bottom of my feet so i'm reminded of the pain during the day.


2009-01-30 16:08:58

unsuccesful troll is unsuccesful


2009-01-30 16:45:54



2009-01-30 17:52:38

i are depressed also :(


2009-01-30 17:54:46

Remember, all this pain you've endured have made you who you are.
Are you really sure you would want to be in anyone elses shoes?
You know things so many other people don't and you are capable of affecting so many people in postive ways. If you do wrong, admit that you're wrong and try to make it better next time instead of just accepting things as they are.
I surely believe you are an important person to many people, among them your girlfriend.


2009-01-30 18:12:16

well, Here is to getting un-depressed! Be happy that you have a home here on NG with people that will accept you at the drop of a thimble. cute girl ;)


2009-01-30 19:10:43

Dry Eyes. Wow...


2009-01-30 19:28:00

Made me lol. Cudos to you sir.


2009-01-30 19:31:55

You're an art student, no wonder you are depressed.


2009-01-30 20:22:18

im depressed. with happiness lololol aw


2009-01-30 22:06:10



2009-01-31 00:58:05

Your girlfriend is obsessed with ScatPr0n too?